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Here's where I post my news.

Old waffle

May 2012

Helped deadly knitshade with her BTart phone cover. Can't wait to see the final product!

Please note I am unable to take orders til mid June, but there might be a little workshop to look forward to!

March 2012

Good news if you are based in London! The lovely Craft Guerilla have taken up residences in the Wood Street Indoor Market in Walthamstow. They are currently stocking some products that I don't have available online, so you'll have to get over there to see what's going on. She's also stocking loads of other fabulous stuff too, so check it out 

July 2011
If you didn't get a chance to pop along and see Stitched Science at the science museum, find a photographic account by clicking below

Also, I've compiled this FAQ for students who write to me:

What is your background?
I am based in Beckenham. As a child, maths was my favourite subject at school, but I chose art as a sideline at A Level and found I was more fascinated by that. I studied Art Foundation at Ravensbourne College and Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth College of Art. The maths comes in rather handy with scaling and gauge work, mind.

Who taught you to knit?
I don't actually remember - my nanny taught me a bit and my Grandpa taught me some, but I think after the basic cast on and knit stitch, I sort of self taught  in a very longwinded method of trial and improvement.

Can you teach me to knit?
If you're in london. I'm part of Stitch London, if you sign up to the newsletter you can find out when the teaching sessions are and if I don't teach you, someone else will.

What inspires your work?
I think it's difficult to define exactly what inspires me, because we're such sponges for stimuli, how can one know what permeates through the filters and what is rejected? That said, Hans Stofer's "Hitthenailonthehead" was a rather brilliantly irreverant literal pun, Freddie Robins was the first "knitting artist" I saw and has been a hero of mine since. Donna Wilson -for whom I did work experience - has taught me loads, and I feel she demonstrates how a designer's voice can be felt across a whole range of products.

I don't think I can overestimate how influential humour is and certainly feel as inspired by the surrealist comedy of the 80s as much as Magritte's bizarre paintings, Ron Mueck's hyperrealist figures, or Claes Oldenburg's giant soft sculptures.

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