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   Playing with fruit
Chase (2005) was a one week project I made during my Art Foundation course. It was a neater version of more crude photostories I'd been working on in my spare time during A Levels, and marked the beginning of me taking myself less seriously artist and allowing myself to play a little more. I was influenced primarily by a comedy show on during my childhood, Lee and Herring's TMWRNJ : the Curious Orange's "Blood of my brother's" outburst.

In 2009 I was working as a database designer, and had a lot of downtime on the job, so I started playing around with fruit puns and inventing different Satsumo wrestlers. This lead on to "Captain 'Suma and the Satsumo Wrestler" which was shown at comedy show "The Hour of Power" in Toronto.

It was a collaboration with Steph Tracey over several months. I had the characters and the general feel but I wanted to give it a cohesive plot, which Steph was much better at. I'm including a gallery of shots below, because due to compression a lot of them lost their clarity in the final video.

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